18th century jacket: finally photographed

This jacket was intended to be worn on the way home from my wedding *laugh*. It was finally finished and not worn until this year! I happened to be 8 months pregnant at the time so I left the ties open as necessary. I tried putting in a stomacher but all mine were too heavily boned so they ruined the belly bump and made me look “square”. If I had to do it again I’d have made a soft quilted stomacher to go under the opening of the jacket.

I worked with the lovely photographer Rummy as well as a make-up artist Wendy Tran for the first time and enjoyed the experience (hair done by me):

Full length shot:

In just a chemise & bow (not 18th century but another cute pregnant belly shot):

4 thoughts on “18th century jacket: finally photographed”

  1. You look gorgeous and so does the jacket.
    How long have you been doing your own hair for events, and how do you keep it in place? I can barely manage to keep mine in a braid; yours always looks fantastic in photos.

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