1880s coutil corset: construction

Busk inserted and constructing the body of the corset:

Starting to apply external boning channels:

Waist tape:

Steam pressing hips over a ham:

Next to the original mock-up (on the left in domestic coutil with a shorter spoonbusk):

Back before boning, binding, and grommets:

You can see how it curved up into a high back:

Pressing before next step:

Pinned loosely on mannequin to check shaping, you can see the underbusk protector strip here:

Insert picture with bad lighting that looks cool :P

Busk protector with grommet through top for lacing to keep top together nicely since I couldn’t get quite a long enough spoonbusk:

Top binding applied:

Final corset laying flat, I’ll post some on the mannequin tomorrow:

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