Red linen pair of bodies: completed!

I had half these bodies done up forever! I finally decided to complete them to be worn for pregnancy. With the center front opening I just left the bottom portion loosely laced over the tummy and then tightened above to get a nice firm back support and bust support.

Worn over my corded petticoat to give some body under the loose gown:

I put in eyelets at the waist but have to make matching ties on the petticoat so that the bodies actually help support he skirt at front. This will be very important as I get bigger at front due to pregnancy and will not want to tie the skirt tightly around my waist to keep it up.

Finally the back:

Worked fantastic under the loose gown, very comfortable especially with the nice leather binding. The reed just molded smoothly to my body.

3 thoughts on “Red linen pair of bodies: completed!”

  1. I didn’t know where to put this, but i wanted to extend many congratulations to you and your hubby on your pregnancy. I can bet that the baby will be well clothed in your beautiful designs. CONGRATS

  2. Thank you Frank. I’m looking forward to sewing for the little bugger but I bet he will outgrown stuff before I finish it! That is the problem with baby clothing :)

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