Wedding diary: 2+ years later I finally make the jacket…


I had cut this out the week before my wedding figuring I’d add a piece to my outfit. I wanted to take off the gown and throw on the jacket to head home that night. After cutting it out I decided to enjoy the time with my family before the wedding instead of more sewing. Recently I found it floating around my workroom missing one piece!! *grr* I searched and then gave up but decided to pursue finishing the project nonetheless. I had enough fabric to tweak out a new piece.


So I found the pattern, cut out a replacement and put it together. I’ll be doing a photo-shoot of it April 4th with my friend David Yu :) That is if I can wear the corset comfortably which I think I can by leaving the lacing open. This should work also since I decided to leave the full front width of the jacket intact instead of folding over and doing a button placket like I originally intended. So I think just pinning it down the front should work with my tiny pregnant belly. So excited that I finally finished this after 2 years.



I had enough of the fabric from the quilted jacket to bind the edges of the jacket. I think they look super pretty together. Because this was cut out 2 years ago I had to fudge a bit to get it to fit. Since the silk has no give to it I had to leave out the lining or it would be too tight on my current body. I bound the edges in the blue silk, turned them under and then carefully hand stitched. You can see some of the stitching here:


Finally here are more of the back:



3 thoughts on “Wedding diary: 2+ years later I finally make the jacket…”

  1. Laurie, it’s as beautiful as anything i’ve come to expect from your work. :) out of curiosity, where does the back come from? I admit I’ve not looked at a ton of 18th-c stuff (it’s not my most fave era), but I’ve never seen a split back like that. it’s cool…

  2. Susanne it is adapted from the Swallowtailed jacket in Costume Close up.

    I made it close in the front for both of the ones I did but it is close to a scaled up version from the pattern in that book. It is super cute, isn’t it!

  3. Congratulations! I wondered if you were expecting. :)

    Gorgeous jacket btw, it blends beautifully with the petticoat.

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