Stripy corset: fusing, cutting, & beginning construction

This month I wrote an article for Foundations Revealed on matching stripes in corsetry. I’ve taken the tutorial fabric and proceeded onto making the actual corset from the demo in the article.


Here are a few of the steps so far:

Lining up the fabric prior to fusing & Pinning in place down into the ironing board:

Laying silk organza over as a press cloth:

Fusing with wonderunder to flannel:

I’m using glass headed pearls that I can just iron over the top of without melting:

Lining up & cutting the final pattern piece after fusing:

I have a few smaller rotary cutting boards I move around to the station I’m working. So I would fuse,let it cool & cut it out, then move onto the next part without having to go to my cutting table. This works great for small pieces like corset panels.


All the pieces cut out and ready for construction:

Inserting the spoon busk:

Prepping stud side:

Now to continue the construction phase :) This project will be somewhat on the back burner as I fit it in around client’s work (when I need a change of pace). Having scheduled procrastination projects actually helps me keep more productive and get me back on track when a project has eaten my soul. Sometimes as little as a half an hour on a non-paying project will keep me motivated & I’ll be ready to get back to work on the main priority project :) May sound odd but I swear it helps.

I hope to eventually complete it as the stripes are super stunning & to die for IMO.

2 thoughts on “Stripy corset: fusing, cutting, & beginning construction”

  1. Ooh that looks perfect!
    I am intrigued by your ironingboard, dit you make the cover yourself?
    If not, would you be so kind as to direct me to the seller?

  2. I actually just picked it up at my local JoAnn fabrics when it was on sale. I presume they still carry it or something like it. It is not washable but when it gets too mucky I just buy a new one with a 50% off coupon. I assume they did not pre-wash the fabrics so it will shrink if washed….

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