Wedding dress diary: lining

Okay I give up, I need to show you guys some of the pretty:


I’ve been holding secret all my sewing progress on the gown for 5 months now and I’m about to burst (with a few exceptions of people involved with helping with the gown, hair, and make-up who have seen the gown). I guess I’m most proud that I got it done exactly on schedule and that I can say “Oh yes I got it done last year”. That really feels good.

I’m still working on the waistcoat and jacket for Jeremy though. Doing actual wooden button molds and hand done buttonholes has slowed down the progress. I might cave and do the decorative button holes on the jacket by machine. The embroidery is done by machine anyhow so I don’t know why I was being so picky about trying to do the rest by hand. Getting it done in time is more important – the wedding only happens once.

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