Queen Victoria: ballgown bodice inprogress

I have to make up the sleeves, the back closure, and a few more bows but the ballgown bodice for the Queen’s gown is coming along nicely. It can’t be worn at Dickens Fair but I do have a few events coming up. It is made to tie in nicely with the skirt I wear at Dickens fair. The Victorians shared skirts between day and evening bodices as well. I’ll keep you guys updated once I know when & where I am making my appearances for the movie “The Young Victoria”.



Since I’ve been fluctuating so much recently I decided to make every seam alterable. Leaving 3/4″ seam allowance inside the front curves does mean it will not lay as smoothly as if I clipped and graded the seam but since this is for a theatrical gig I decided the ability to quickly adjust the bodice was more important. Plus half the front ends up covered by the Queen’s sash anyway.



Now to go get it finished!

3 thoughts on “Queen Victoria: ballgown bodice inprogress”

  1. Ballgown bodices are not approved for Dickens fair because they want to maintain a specific look. In Fezziwigs Warehouse for instance you might think Ballgown bodices would be appropriate because of the dancing. But the premise from the book is actually that it is a party at the Warehouse after work so the people are still in their every day wear. They don’t go home and get dressed up for the party. It isn’t a ball that you’d dress up in your ballgown. Hope that makes sense.

    Dickens fair is supposed to be twighlight so if we have Queen Victoria go to the V&A theatre or one of the other formal stages I can see making an exception since it was noted in history that Queen Victoria went to the theatre and Opera in ballgowns wearing a tiara. I haven’t heard back from stages whether the Royal family is making any appearances at the stages this year.

  2. Thats looks gorgeous. Inspires me to get back on with working on my new corset so I can make my Victorian gown (red velvet!).

    BTW – The Young Victoria is a lovely film. Its already out on DVD here in the UK, though I never saw it at the cinema. Did see it on the plane when I either came out to or returned home from Costume College.

    Such GORGEOUS frocks!

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