Steampunk Bridegroom ensemble: photos

Wedding suit added to the gallery:


*Click image to go to gallery*

Chris put up a lovely post about his wedding mentioning me :) Thank you Chris! If you wanted to see more of the suit I made him check it out: Steampunk Pirate Wedding post

I can’t wait to see all the final professional photographers photos! I’m almost tempted to say their wedding looks even more fun than my masquerade wedding :)

5 thoughts on “Steampunk Bridegroom ensemble: photos”

  1. Oh wow! Would I be right in saying this is based on Tristan’s ‘hero coat’ from the Stardust film? I’m absolutely dying to make it for my other half!

  2. The two inspirations were Tristan & Mal (Firefly). The majority of the outfit follows the line of the first but we did make some design decisions that are different than the original. So while it isn’t a replica I think it captures the look & feel. It was a super fun project :)

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