B&W Striped corset: pick-up day

Here are some photos of the first try-on:


Now the corset goes home to start the breaking-in process. With significant waist reductions I always advise my clients to slowly break in their corsets by wearing them barely snug at the waist and with time tightening slowly- working up to wearing your corset tighter & for longer periods of time. The bias section of the ribs and hips need time to further mold to the nuances of a specific body. This process is unique to each individual. The most important part is to trust your body. A custom made corset, while drafted and adjusted to your body, is still forming a new shape for your body to follow because you have introduced a waist reduction. Respecting your limits and giving your body time to adjust is of the utmost importance. Tight-lacing corsets also shouldn’t be shared for the same reasons. I’ve found that even with multiple layers of german coutil and boning, a corset is still fabric not steel that has no give. A corset is changed by the individual wearing it, and I think that is how it should be.


This corset was made with a larger gap in back to allow for adjustments due to weight fluctuations. In the initial stages the bust and hips will be less snug, but once laced down to the desired final reduction the bust and hips lay correctly. At this fitting, lacing down for the first time over jeans we noticed more pressure on the lower side ribs than desired. We anticipate that the jeans are causing the corset to ride higher than during the last mock-up fitting and that breaking in the corset without the extra bulk under the hip will let the corset ride more naturally under the ribcage where the reduction was patterned to be.


I think the stripes are lovely with her tattoo:

3 thoughts on “B&W Striped corset: pick-up day”

  1. I think with an underbust I could get it to pattern match perfectly all the way around, as is it is not continuous at the side bust but it still worked quite well :)

    I loved working with and massaging diagonal stripes into a 3D form.

  2. It makes me really happy that you encourage clients to appreciate the time required for a custom corset to mould to their body. It’s a very important part of the whole process and seems to occasionally be forgotten!

    Also, beautiful work as always :-)

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