Red & Gold trained gown: added to gallery & featured at Realm of Venus

I finally got the Florentine gown up on the webpage.

I sent it in to Bella from Realm of Venus. She did a great job putting together the content featurning it in her Italian gown showcase – If you haven’t checked out her site it has some very drool worthy Italian outfits. A must view site in my opinion.


By the way, I sent her higher resolution images to use on her site so you can see a little more detail. I will try to eventually do a more thorough dress diary on this blog as well. But it is on the back burner as I get more involved in my fall commissions.

In the end, the gown really isn’t done either. I still need to make the sleeves based on the Pisa gown. I do have enough fabric but used the smocked stuff to quickly have ornate decoration and get it done in time for the event. Eventually I’ll complete the sleeves I intended to make for the gown.

4 thoughts on “Red & Gold trained gown: added to gallery & featured at Realm of Venus”

  1. Yay Laurie, I love Realms of Venus and your gown deserves to be there. Look fantastic!

  2. Hello Laurie: WOW! I feel like I am back in Florence (I attended the Janet Arnold Costume Conference with you) looking at another fabulous 16th century gown. I absolutely love the sleeves. Eleonora would have been very proud to wear it! Thank you so much for sharing your talent in pictures on this wonderful website.
    Until we meet again……….Shari

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