Italian gown: sneak peek

I’ve started the next portion of my Italian gown. Here is a quick preview:


The petticoat patterning for the silk fabric is 9 pieces and the linen lining 14 pieces! It was fun putting them all together. If you come by the Needle’s Eye at Livermore Scottish games this weekend I’ll be working on hemming the skirt if you want to see it in person. I’ll also be working on pulling & knotting tons of threads on my stays. I’m trying reed as boning this time around.

7 thoughts on “Italian gown: sneak peek”

  1. Your fabric is stunningly beautiful! …and the gown is lovely too. :-) Thanks for taking such great pictures of your work.

  2. Any progress on the Pisa gown? Did you make it in red velvet? I’m using something like it in a fiction story, and any new photos would be much appreciated!



  3. These are the most beautiful period dresses i ever seen, your work is amazing ! I have attended twice period costume events in france so I really mean it ! Renaissance dresses are so rare. Great job!

  4. Did you finish the hem the way it is done on the Pisa gown? I am foraying into 1560s attire, from 1470s-80s, so this is a whole new series of techniques…

  5. I finished the hem with a layer of felt in the hem and then piping along the edge that then clipped. I tried to mimic how it was done on the Pisa gown, yes.

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