Hair and beaded wire caul

Mackenzie asked if I could style her wig for her wedding since I was not available this year to make her gown. Plus she is such a great seamstress I didn’t know why she would even want me to make her gown! But she has entrusted her hair to my hand which I am very flattered by :)

So to start she came over and I braided and twisted up her hairstyle:

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18th century jacket: finally photographed

This jacket was intended to be worn on the way home from my wedding *laugh*. It was finally finished and not worn until this year! I happened to be 8 months pregnant at the time so I left the ties open as necessary. I tried putting in a stomacher but all mine were too heavily boned so they ruined the belly bump and made me look “square”. If I had to do it again I’d have made a soft quilted stomacher to go under the opening of the jacket.

I worked with the lovely photographer Rummy as well as a make-up artist Wendy Tran for the first time and enjoyed the experience (hair done by me):

Full length shot:

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Purple Victorian Wedding Gown: thread loops

Sometimes the simple thing give me such pleasure:

The sleeves are finished with simple buttons with thread bars made from knotted embroidery floss sectioned into 3 strands and looped all the way through the interior of the fabric band for extra security. So much prettier than hook and eyes to me. Continue reading Purple Victorian Wedding Gown: thread loops

Victorian Purple Wedding Gown: lace collar & buttons

The collar needed to stand up in the back but I wanted to do so without requiring my client to heavily starch the lace each time. Because the lace is so sheer I decided to create a collar stand of buckram covered with lace topped with a clear plastic horsehair extension. The extension needed to be flexible and near invisible so the beauty of the lace would stand out. The flexible nature of the fake horsehair allows for my client to get the standing effect without losing range of motion of her neck. Continue reading Victorian Purple Wedding Gown: lace collar & buttons

Victorian purple Wedding gown: train & bodice fitting

The detachable train needs a few more stitches put in and the closure but it is looking fantastic with the dress! The bodice fitting went well and I worked out the overlap for the correct sized buttonstand, although we are going to do fake buttons to keep from putting any holes in the garment that will make it harder to alter over the lifetime of my client wearing it. I do like how real buttonholes look but I love being able to move things around easier by doing it with hooks behind a false button placket. Anyway on to more pictures…
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Purple Victorian Wedding Gown: pleating & underskirt progress

The pleating will go all the way around the underskirt and then around the bottom of the detachable train. I only have the first length pleated (using the perfect pleater and a solution of 9 water: 1 vinegar to set the pleats on in the silk).

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Eyelet bustle: completed :)

So I filled out that second tier of ruffles and really like how it looks now. The bottom ruffle is also attached and soon I’ll start draping the skirt to go over this ;) I’m really excited to be working in a gorgeous purple shot with black silk taffeta.

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Wedding diary: 2+ years later I finally make the jacket…


I had cut this out the week before my wedding figuring I’d add a piece to my outfit. I wanted to take off the gown and throw on the jacket to head home that night. After cutting it out I decided to enjoy the time with my family before the wedding instead of more sewing. Recently I found it floating around my workroom missing one piece!! *grr* I searched and then gave up but decided to pursue finishing the project nonetheless. I had enough fabric to tweak out a new piece. Continue reading Wedding diary: 2+ years later I finally make the jacket…

Bustle: first fitting

Shown over incorrect corset which happened to be on the mannequin:

The second ruffle for some reason ended up tighter than planned once the boning was inserted even though they were all gathered identically. I will either be removing it and pleating in more fabric or adding a cute little gusset at the center back. Continue reading Bustle: first fitting

Family: last minute stitches

My youngest sister got married earlier this year. I had the honor of helping out a bit here and there the week before the wedding (whereas our other sister did all the really hard work – Love you Michele), including last minutes alteration on her gown. I had to post because I just love me in my pj’s, on my sisters bed, sewing hook & eyes the morning of her wedding:


It seemed like the manufacturer intended the hook and eyes & zipper to only last for tying it on once at the store. This was all after she paid the store for alterations as well. Since she lives in NY I wasn’t around earlier to help her with her gown.