Perfectly Pink Venetian: inprogress

Perfectly Period Pink Mini-Challenge is happening this upcoming month. Too bad I already started my pink gown this week before finding out about it. I guess I could just enter the bodice, sleeves,etc.. without the skirt.

I think instead I’ll join in on my own and blog about it here since I can’t technically enter the entire gown since I started the skirt already. I’ll be finally getting around to making the Venetian Pink gown based on the Fasolo family portrait I posted long ago. Or maybe I’ll change it or add to it.

This is one time where not procrastinating meant I lost the opportunity to join in on this fun contest. Oh well! I just don’t keep up on facebook enough to have noticed the contest information in August. I feel really bummed about it though.

The skirt needed to be done for this Wednesday though because I’m using it for a photoshoot matching my Pink Stay, so there was really nothing I could do about it even if I did know. I guess I could make a second skirt :)… Nah!

Black & White mock-up

I re-drafted from an antique pattern I purchased from Atelier Sylphe a while back. I was no where near the ideal measures for the corset so it was an interesting trial. I took measurements post birth and drafted based on that but it has been a year since then!

In an effort to just get my hands back into sewing I just cut it out as is and decided I’d just try on the mock-up. Surprisingly little needs to be changed for the shape although it is going to close as back (which I tend to like and pattern for anyway many times). And because I like pretty things I cut it out from scraps of both black and white coutil and put in a tapered busk. I’m tempted to cut out a lining and just finish it up as it looks fairly pretty.

I also added a tutorial of sorts to my webpageDressing Victoriabased on photos requested for Masters project.

So not much in the way of sewing but I’m working on it!

18th century jacket: trial version

I traded a blue and white duvet cover for this hand block printed cotton fabric. The pattern itself is too dense but some of the elements remind me of 18th century fabrics. I’ll have to splurge at some point and get something more historically correct but it worked for the trial run. It has a nice texture as well as pretty browns & blues together (one of my all time favorite combos).

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Workroom: new view & garage progress

Here is my new view out the sliding glass door of my workroom. It feels all fairy tale to me. I’ve added the walkway and the raised planter bed to the back yard. Now to choose a ground cover that can deal with low shade and some trampling.


And floor space is actually showing in my garage! Amazing :) Continue reading Workroom: new view & garage progress

Plaid Victorian: skirt & mock-up

Here is just mocking up the fabrics for the waistcoat and zuave jacket:

The edges of the zouave jacket will actually be cording covered in bias cut plaid matching the skirt but I just threw on a scrap of straight grain here.
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Spider Pin cushion present :)

Here is my newest “crew member” helping out with the binding on the deep ocean blue corset. He was a recent gift from one of my clients.

I had just gotten out of the emergency room the day before and he was just the thing I needed to cheer me up. Actually Mr. Spider is already going on a road trip tomorrow and will help out as I hand-sew on the way up to a wedding in Sonoma, CA.

Thank you Michelle.