Violet’s Breath corset

This is my first time dying coutil. It turned out fairly even. I learned that since the edges of the fabric on dot coutil tend to roll, it is more likely to be streaky near the edges. So either in future I’d dye a larger section than I needed to cut the corset or I need to figure out some way to stretch the fabric and dye it that way. So much to learn!

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Dickens Fair has two more weekends!




We are in full swing of the season at Dickens with two more weekends left. The Royals have enjoyed shopping, dancing, and taking entertainment and refreshment in Dickens London. For those attending, look for us at about 2:30pm near the V&A Stage where we progress around town shopping till about 3:05 at the Carolers, then 3:15ish we attend Mr. Fezziwig’s Christmas Party at his Warehouse, then 3:40ish till about 4pm we are at The Green Man Inn visiting and receiving children (handing out Union jack flags).

Brown and Blue Ensemble: At Dickens

My first time wearing the gown I realized it was too big around by many inches, I guess I forgot how much you corset down more after wearing a corset for a while. By half way though the day my corset closed at back. This means I get to make myself a new corset (eventually)!



Thank you for Lauren of American Duchess for taking these photos for me.

I took one of my old brown felt hats and basically crushed it into a more sweetheart shape because it was too tall and forward on my head. I think it works pretty well and it looks different. It helps create a different look for Madam Caplin so I look less like Queen Victoria. I’m trying to have her look more plain jane.

Brown and Blue Ensemble: inprogress

The frogs on the zouave jacket sleeves. I added this fun braid I’ve had around forever. I have just enough to add it to the bottom of the skirt as well (again meant to be!). I love when stash fabric and trim turn out perfect for a project.



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Brown and Blue Ensemble

I started the skirt for the ensemble years ago, probably two but I don’t remember for sure. That is how long ago I started it. The fabric is a fun stripe. I have enough to make a matching bodice but didn’t have the time or energy to actually get moving on that in time for Dickens Fair.

I had cut out a waistcoat for my husband in this brown/dark brown wool and the rest of sitting in a pile. I shrugged my shoulders grabbed it and drafted out a zouave jacket and as I laid the pattern on I knew I’d have just enough.

Many times when I start a project and I have on idea where I”m going with it, I turn around and the exact amount of fabric is sitting there waiting for me. I never planned to make a wool zouave for this outfit. But then it jumped out at me that this was finally the project for these fabulous braid frogs my mother-in-law gave me. Or at least they are for now, I imagine I’ll be reusing them on another project eventually or trying to make reproductions of them anyway. Continue reading Brown and Blue Ensemble