Thank you to Monica Lenk and Sam Simmons (of Overattired for shooting with us this past week in “Casino Martin”.

Photographer: Tavan photography
Models: Monica Lenk & Sam Simmons
Corsets: Laurie Tavan

The poker table & clay chips lent to us by my in-laws. Thank you both! And for loaning a car to transport them. Thank you to Jeremy for helping set up the lighting and going along with my hair brained schemes.

Happy Valentine’s Day!


I wanted to get some good shots on a real body before the competition entries went up so those of you who come to read the dress diary get a nice fun treat seeing Monica wear the Vegas Black Diamond Cocktail dress. Sam came along and asked if he could be a prop so I added him to the storyline & popped him into a corset under his waistcoat.


Photographer: Tavan Photography
Models: Monica Lenk & Sam Simmons of Overattired
Corsetry: Laurie Tavan

Steampunk Doctor – Preview


My lovely friend & client loaned back her Steampunk corsetry ensemble for a shoot this week. My son has been going on and on about Doc McStuffins (kids tv show) and wanted to direct a doctor shoot. Honestly I was a bit worried trying to include a 4 year old in my shoot but what is a working mom supposed to do when her kid is only in preschool till noon each day? Incorporate him into the fun of course. He seems really proud his mom is a corset maker and will tell everyone about it.

We did a walk through of the building during the day and I chose to shoot in the kitchen and my son said we had to so some in the dark basement. All day he was so excited and couldn’t wait till the evening shoot. He surprised me with his acting to the point where I had to keep asking “are you really afraid” and he’d giggle or do something silly to show me he wasn’t really scared. Some of the poses during the shoot were his idea and I loved helping facilitate his creativity too. A big thanks for my husband for working with me setting up lighting and for shooting.

The Brief: Steampunk Doctor treating a little boy. I directed Rene, our model for the day, to think of Rachel in Bladerunner. I think she nailed it. The content goes a little dark thematically and is a departure from my husband an my usual photography work. I’m excited to gather together the best images into a little flip book we will share with you once all images are processed. I was too exited so I’m posting up this teaser that I edited today.

Photographer: Tavan Photography
Model& MUA: Rene Rodgers
Hair: Laurie Tavan
Hat & bow tie: Kristi Taylor
Corsetry Ensemble: Daze of Laur by Laurie Tavan

18th century photoshoot

Getting ready here is my mugshot:

Hair is sorta based on this image but I didn’t make it as flat on top:

Next time I want to get more hair pieces so I can do this style hair (see below). I wanted to add curls but I just didn’t have enough hair to pull them up and into soft curls and my hair is too long to do a real hedgehog style with all curls teased out. I’m thinking if I buy some extra curled pieces I could have filled out the top to make it less rigid looking. Continue reading 18th century photoshoot

“Fairy Tails” Rapunzel

Wearing my red and gold damask skirt paired with matching “pair of bodies” corset:

Model: Terra Tuttle

Photography by Christiane Posl –
Hair by Elle Duerr -
Hair by Megan LaCore –
Corsets by Laurie Tavan
Styling by Gina Laughlin –
Makeup Apprentice Heather Nunes