Custom pony commission

Ha I’m attacking you with another pony spam :) Well I have been sewing, a lot actually. But I sprained my foot this week and the doctor insists on at least 3 days in bed resting. It is so bad I can’t even put any pressure on the foot to hobble around. I have seriously been crawling around after my son.

So I won’t be going out to my workroom or to Costume college for that matter. The Victorian ballgown is finished. I started another Victorian gown. Finished a pair of Victorian trousers for my husband. As well as finished up some outfits for my son. Once I’m mobile again I’ll take and share photos.

Onto the spam of the day- This pony was commissioned last year and I can’t seem to find the final photos but I have some inprogress ones:

The artwork is based off Ron Jon Surf shop as requested for her mother who loves the store.

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My Little Ponies!

I received a recent request to commission a custom my little pony which made me realize I’ve never shared some of my other “hobby” with you guys. First of all I haven’t customized in FOREVER. But I want to do some here and there because they are fun little projects that satisfy my creative bug. They also can be done in a much shorter timespan than say a Victorian ballgown. That being said the Plaid Victorian is almost finished and I’ve already started pleating up a brown & blue striped skirt for another Victorian gown.

Anyway onto photos of a set I did with scraps from some of my sewing projects:

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