New Blog Layout

By now you may have noticed the new blog layout. I’ll be going back and fixing older posts to show photos as time permits. While I love traditional blog stylings, I really wanted to have a way to see more posts at once especially for new visitors who might not have clicked back buttons over and over again to read past entries. My blog tends to be heavily image focused anyhow.

Hope you enjoy the changes. More are on the way for the main site as well.


Project diaries: I’m behind!

I am so behind on the dress diaries for all my commissions! I should just write them as I go & save them as unpublished drafts but I’ve been busy enough I haven’t keep up as much as I’d like for this blog.

For a lot of my projects I am not posting the “making of” as I go because most people do not want their outfits/commissions on display before a specific date. This means I get lazy and don’t write up things on a regular basis because I’m not actually posting them yet. Continue reading Project diaries: I’m behind!

Sitenews: new categories

I keep thinking how lovely it would be to have an easy way for people to look at all posts related to one project (a la dress diary style). So I’m doing this without cluttering up the current tag cloud by creating separate categories for each project.

At the end of each post it will have a link to the rest of the posts on that specific project. This is a simple way to make it easier for people to find an entire dress diary on a project without having had to follow the progress from the beginning. I hope this helps with navigating through my blog posts.

Perhaps later I’ll have a featured project area with links to the projects in order instead of reverse blog order!! But for now this is what I can try to get done while I’m off on vacation.

Wedding underbust: spoonbusk & embroidery

After the first mock-up we decided to add a spoon-busk to give more stomach support & the waist reduction was increased by one inch as well. The mock-up was very close to correct using client supplied measurement and a mock-up send long-distance via mail.

Sans boning, grommets, &binding:
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Cleaning: photo and garage storage

Yes I’m alive and working on many projects. Life has revolved around cleaning (and planting). I know I haven’t been very posty lately. There is a good reason. No posts have been forthcoming because I am currently overhauling how I store and upload my photos. Unfortunately they are now on a server I can’t access on my laptop *yet*. I’m also working on getting a remote desktop up in my office so I can post from either the laptop in the workroom or my office in the house. The details are coming together slowly. Continue reading Cleaning: photo and garage storage

Commissions Closed

I’ve just received 90 day notice from our landlord that we will have to move out (at least it wasn’t 30 days!). She is planning to move in immediately and hopes we might move sooner. This should not be a problem for any of my current projects as they are all ending before the move.

However, until we do find a new place I am closing commissions. Once I am moved and my workroom in order I will update the status here.

Sitenews: I’ve been Gone forever!

Yes it may seem I’ve been gone forever. The day after my wedding I came down with the worst flu I’ve ever had in my entire life. And it just stayed with me a long time. Hitting over and over again and eventually settling into a nice sinus infection. Three rounds of antibiotics later I’m finally without constant sinus pressure (just in time for allergies!).

I have been busy working but have little time to document. I still have the photos from the wedding suit construction to sift through and find. During this time my laptop also died (luckily I had a backup although it was a month out of date). Still trying to schedule an appointment with Apple but finding I’m too busy. Luckily my husband is letting me steal his computer now and then.

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