18th century jacket: finally photographed

This jacket was intended to be worn on the way home from my wedding *laugh*. It was finally finished and not worn until this year! I happened to be 8 months pregnant at the time so I left the ties open as necessary. I tried putting in a stomacher but all mine were too heavily boned so they ruined the belly bump and made me look “square”. If I had to do it again I’d have made a soft quilted stomacher to go under the opening of the jacket.

I worked with the lovely photographer Rummy as well as a make-up artist Wendy Tran for the first time and enjoyed the experience (hair done by me):

Full length shot:

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Wedding diary: 2+ years later I finally make the jacket…


I had cut this out the week before my wedding figuring I’d add a piece to my outfit. I wanted to take off the gown and throw on the jacket to head home that night. After cutting it out I decided to enjoy the time with my family before the wedding instead of more sewing. Recently I found it floating around my workroom missing one piece!! *grr* I searched and then gave up but decided to pursue finishing the project nonetheless. I had enough fabric to tweak out a new piece. Continue reading Wedding diary: 2+ years later I finally make the jacket…

Wedding Diary: Robe à l’Anglaise en fourreau

I’ll be slowly finding and putting up more construction photos of my wedding gown :)

The en fourreau back is a time consuming but dramatic detail on this gown. The back section of the bodice is cut in one piece with the skirting. Here you can see the beginnings of pleating the back section into place on the linen lining.

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Wedding Diary: underside of the quilted petticoat

The quilted petticoat I made for my wedding has a layer of blue silk, wool batting, and linen lining. I thought the linen side was too pretty not to show. Here it is all laid out prior to making up the skirt:

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Wedding diary: buttons using wooden molds

For the Wedding Suitcoat and waistcoat I decided to hand cover 18th century style wooden button molds. I had posted a picture of my hand sewing by candle/fire light when we were without power for a few days and was encouraged to post more. Here are some more detail shots showing the process below.

Sewing by the fire:

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Wedding diary: Jeremy’s opinion on multiple fittings

So maybe I wanted too many photos but I think this photo shows Jeremy’s opinion on the multiple fittings.


“Why do I have to try on the waistcoat under the mock up of the jacket?” he asked. He darn well knows why, he was just being plain SILLY!

Wedding diary: gown fitting – Dec 07′

One of the fittings while up in Truckee. You can almost see the pins still in the back awaiting the final fitting to adjust the pleating. I was trying on the mask I modified. I painted the leather mask I bought at the Dickens Christmas fair to look like a birdie :) I initially pleated the back on my “Uniquely you” while she was wearing my stays and had my then fianceé and his mother help adjust the pleating for the final fit.


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Wedding diary: I’m married :)

All went well yesterday. Jeremy and I thoroughly enjoyed out wedding. It look 1 year to plan, hours to set up and only an hour to tear down. I bet it will be weeks before everything is back in order in our house.

I have so many photos from the making of the wedding outfits and so little time sift through and share them. We are still gathering the photos people took at the wedding. We found out last minute that our wedding photographer and a close personal friend broker her leg so we did without a photographer! She surprised us and came in a wheel chair for the ceremony. Jeremy’s uncle was super helpful and stepped in to take a lot of photos of the wedding. I can’t wait to share them.

Here are some photos of the dress in progress:



I promised myself it wouldn’t be white. I felt so beautiful and my dress was a dream to stand, sit, and dance in all night. What a relief. My husband assures me he was as comfortable :)

Wedding dress diary: lining

Okay I give up, I need to show you guys some of the pretty:


I’ve been holding secret all my sewing progress on the gown for 5 months now and I’m about to burst (with a few exceptions of people involved with helping with the gown, hair, and make-up who have seen the gown). I guess I’m most proud that I got it done exactly on schedule and that I can say “Oh yes I got it done last year”. That really feels good.
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Wedding dress diary: what I did on vacation

I took a “vacation” the last week of 2007. It was only a vacation in the sense that I wasn’t at home. I took all my sewing projects with me up into the mountains and snow to work at my fianceé’s parent’s Truckee house. I was extremely productive having other people take care of the cooking and cleaning while I sewed! Their neighbor, Lori, was patient enough to teach me how to use her quilter:


I really enjoyed it! Over the span of two days I really improved quickly and did a fairly acceptable job on my first quilted project.