Red Wedding Ensemble: sneak peek

The red wedding gown has gone home to its owner and we even got in a photo-shoot! My client was such a trooper and donned her 15+ yards of silk taffeta with grace to do a photo shoot in record high temperatures. I held the fan on her and we did take a water break. A great testament to the comfort of the dress as she was in it 2+ hours.

See how that custom-dyed silk ribbon just glows. Shot-silk taffeta glows so beautifully as well!

Red Wedding Ensemble: custom dyed silk satin ribbon

The polyester ribbon I had on hand was a nice match but just didn’t shine the way the silk taffeta does. So I decided to try out a new-to-me company called Cam Creations. I sent in my order with a swatch of the wedding fabric and was super surprised at how close they came to the look & feel of a shot-silk with a dying progress on a satin ribbon! It can’t be red shot with navy obviously since they are not weaving it but it sure looks good! I satisfied with the results. Continue reading Red Wedding Ensemble: custom dyed silk satin ribbon

Wedding ensemble: fitting & alterations

This fitting was very fun. The skirt bottom edge was temporarily set with safely pins and the bride was paraded up and down my stairs and outside to check the length. While a floor length skirt would be elegant, the comfort and ease of walking/dancing at the wedding reception is more important. The final length will be set once all the lining and waist details are finished.

Here is the initial bust:

JRT_1425 Continue reading Wedding ensemble: fitting & alterations

Hybrid corset: constructing the mock-up


This is the beginning of a corset incorporating elements from 18th century stays but without tabbing at the hip section. The bottom will be solid panels more like a Victorian corset. However, we decided for this one to keep more of the 18th century boning pattern details even with the solid hip. I’m liking the look so far. I can’t wait to be done with the fittings so I can cut into the beautiful silk. This is a good way to get the shaping of a pair of stays without the hassle of binding all those tabs. Not that I don’t love binding tabs. I’m becoming rather fond of them actually.

Wedding Ensemble: project planning, draping, & sourcing

A few photos of a draping exercise showing the general shaping and the first step in developing a “sketch” of this project. This is just draped free hand with a long uncut yardage of fabric for the skirt. It is a gesture of the final design to be worked out. The jacket is just a one yard square pinned with some pleats made from some red silk from my cabbage bin.

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