Black & White mock-up

I re-drafted from an antique pattern I purchased from Atelier Sylphe a while back. I was no where near the ideal measures for the corset so it was an interesting trial. I took measurements post birth and drafted based on that but it has been a year since then!

In an effort to just get my hands back into sewing I just cut it out as is and decided I’d just try on the mock-up. Surprisingly little needs to be changed for the shape although it is going to close as back (which I tend to like and pattern for anyway many times). And because I like pretty things I cut it out from scraps of both black and white coutil and put in a tapered busk. I’m tempted to cut out a lining and just finish it up as it looks fairly pretty.

I also added a tutorial of sorts to my webpageDressing Victoriabased on photos requested for Masters project.

So not much in the way of sewing but I’m working on it!

Red Linen pair of bodies

I realized I didn’t have any good photos of these so here are some quick studio ones. This is after many wearings at events over the past two years but they are holding up very well. Made out of Red medium weight linen, linen canvas, bound in white kid leather with linen lining. They are boned with half round canes. The front dip is just short enough to sit crossed legged on the floor without too much trouble. My next one I will lower the top edge a smidge and widen it so the points are further in the armpit so the straps sit a bit wider. Continue reading Red Linen pair of bodies

Red linen pair of bodies: completed!

I had half these bodies done up forever! I finally decided to complete them to be worn for pregnancy. With the center front opening I just left the bottom portion loosely laced over the tummy and then tightened above to get a nice firm back support and bust support.

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Eyelet bustle: completed :)

So I filled out that second tier of ruffles and really like how it looks now. The bottom ruffle is also attached and soon I’ll start draping the skirt to go over this ;) I’m really excited to be working in a gorgeous purple shot with black silk taffeta.

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Bustle: first fitting

Shown over incorrect corset which happened to be on the mannequin:

The second ruffle for some reason ended up tighter than planned once the boning was inserted even though they were all gathered identically. I will either be removing it and pleating in more fabric or adding a cute little gusset at the center back. Continue reading Bustle: first fitting