A big step- New location 75 S 11th Street, San Jose, CA


So I mentioned I had the keys to my new location. This will be the first time I have a workshop outside the home. The space even has an office, a bathroom, and room for me to set up a little showroom/retail area. It will be by appointment only but during events downstairs at the Woman’s club I’ll often keep my door open for people to come visit at their leisure.


Here are the before photos as we prepared to move in this weekend. Today we finish up installing the big table and moving more fabric over if we hit some timing with no rain. I see the rainy weekend as a good omen. It has been lovely having friends and family come and help. Thank you everyone! You have made this a smooth move.

Please do check out my Auctionswhich end today. I am selling some of my personal costuming to help fund the move.

New Atelier @ the San Jose Woman’s Club-in March 2014

I am prepping to move my workshop in the upcoming weeks to the San Jose Woman’s Club. Move in will probably start Feb. 28th. Here are some sneak peek shots of the interior from the walk through today. The building is so beautiful, I already felt right at home.



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Rearrangment: move over crap I’m coming to get you!!!

I took on a big task yesterday. Namely the garage and the embroidery station. Somehow the garage had become so impacted I could not walk through without stepping over things. The Dickens stuff was mostly put away but the rack from the PEERS ball was sitting in the way laughing at me. The cleaning done at New Years in the outdoor bathroom meant moving everything haphazardly into the garage. So not the way to do things.
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Workroom: photos of changes

I did say I’d take photos today so here they are:


The cutting table was turned 90 degrees to give access all the way around it. It is one of the collapsible kinds that is on wheels. I do wish I had a bigger cutting surface but this works well for the smaller one-off projects I tend to do. Behind the table is my embroidery station and a wall of supplies in cubby holes. The plastic bins from The Container store fit perfectly into the Ikea shelves! Continue reading Workroom: photos of changes

Workroom: reaaranged & projects update

I’ve moved the cutting table and finally put up the iron hanging from the ceiling! I also finally ditched the rug in the client area because it was too hard to keep clean. The rest of the room is easy to sweep so I just took the rug out and will see if I like it better.

I other news, I have one project finished this week and five others other in progress that I can’t share anything about yet.

So basically I’m working hard and dying to show off the final projects later this year. Hope you guys aren’t disappointed in the lack of progress updates. Maybe I’ll photo the workroom changes sometime tomorrow to share.

Workroom: painted wall & new shelves!

Here are the photos I promised days ago. Sewing has been a priority. In order to do to Costume College I need to have a lot of things prepped and ready to finish sewing when I get home.

Progress before re-organization is complete is shown below in a series of photos.

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Workroom: new view & garage progress

Here is my new view out the sliding glass door of my workroom. It feels all fairy tale to me. I’ve added the walkway and the raised planter bed to the back yard. Now to choose a ground cover that can deal with low shade and some trampling.


And floor space is actually showing in my garage! Amazing :) Continue reading Workroom: new view & garage progress

Workroom: the termite damage & future plans

Not major major work but still needs repair before I can put the window sill on properly. The things you find when you open a wall in a 60 year old building…I’m not going to share all the bad & the ugly but here is one shot:


I have the sewing machines in the way preventing a good phtos right now but down in the far corner is the worst currently visible damage. And yes that is reed glass for privacy. The neighbors don’t have to watch me work and I can still get window light in there. I’ll probably put up draperies but they will be open during the day.

For safety reasons the entire wall is going to be taken off the all termite damaged boards repaired and the exterior checked for water-tightness to protect the newly run electrical lines. While I have it open, insulation will be installed. I wanted to do this myself but taking another weekend off work isn’t going to cut it. On Monday, the wall should get ripped of and hopefully done in one day. I’ll be doing client meetings in the house that day unfortunately. Fortunately the house is nice to meet in (and before my house was my workroom)! Continue reading Workroom: the termite damage & future plans

Workroom: the repairs continue

I’m waiting for quotes on replacing some termite damaged boards, insulating, and possibly putting up drywall along the one wall. The new windows are in, the new door is in sans lock core, and the room is usable. They found some studs that need to be replaced before the new window sill can be put in so a another week or two before I can really “move” everything in and get fully organized.

The hard part is working with stuff hidden away in boxes. I’ve resorted to re-buying some things to keep up to speed on commissions. My garage is crying to be unpacked of sewing stuff. The good news is that I am working in the new room and meeting with new people each week to get started on some awesome projects I can’t wait to share.

Once the garage is unpacked I can re-set up the photo studio and have some clients over for their photo-shoots. I missing doing all the photos! Should I put some in-progress workroom shots up in the meantime? Or would that just be plain silly?