Tease me, You’ll Flip Class

I have realized, through many hours of dressing my own hair, that I need more wigs for different eras. There are only so many 3 hour sessions I want to spend trying to make my long hair looks short, for example.



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Costume College- On the way

This year I was not overly prepared for Costume college. I managed to power through jet lag from our family vacation, pack, and hop right back on a plane, this time to LA. This year my alpaca Rainbow sherbet accompanied me on the trip.


I always enjoy having along a hand sewing project so this lovely nursing corset was flossed over the span of my costume college trip.



Atlantis- 18th century style

I found it fun to restyle an outfit quickly, for use at a party I didn’t anticipate attending. While I was totally out of place, it felt fun and worked just fine to enjoy the evening amongst the mermaids and sirens.

I purchased little blue glass fish to add to my headdress whose flowers reminded me of coral and i added additional pearls and wore my fan cover as a stomacher.

2014 Much Ado About Sebastopol- Fencing Lesson

I am quite behind on posting any of our event photos up here. I’m going to include some here for Claudia to look through and another post with some other shots. These are the children enjoying a fencing lesson at while wearing tabards Saint Michael’s Salle d’Armes

Outfits by Laurie Tavan & Malaya Goris


I wanted to get some good shots on a real body before the competition entries went up so those of you who come to read the dress diary get a nice fun treat seeing Monica wear the Vegas Black Diamond Cocktail dress. Sam came along and asked if he could be a prop so I added him to the storyline & popped him into a corset under his waistcoat.


Photographer: Tavan Photography
Models: Monica Lenk & Sam Simmons of Overattired
Corsetry: Laurie Tavan

“Sugared Smoke”

The view from our room in Las Vegas:

After lacing Long corset (working title) onto the pillow I waited till dark and we took her for a shoot around the Las Vegas strip. I added a beaded shiny capelette to fancy up the look:

After hauling her around Vegas through the casinos I noted that she was now “Sugared Smoke”, sugar from the accident of placing her in a bag full of sugar (thank my son for that one) and smoke because of how stinky all the hotels are from people smoking. My hair picked up the smell a lot more than the corset thankfully. But now she has the taste and smell component of the “Five senses”. Continue reading “Sugared Smoke”

Lacing up

After finishing the last hand stitching on the lace I decided to take a quick photo of the corset. I made a make-shift backdrop out of the sheet on the bed at the hotel. Looks pretty good to me:

I like to take photos before I lace up a corset because it is a view you can not get without the corset being unlaced. As I was adjusting the lacing I got frustrated and put it on my legs to get some tension and my husband thought it looked cute and took a pin-up shot of me with a corset on my legs. Leg binding spat? Kinda works for the picture:


Since I was not at home with my mannequins I decided to lace her onto a flat pillow, not the most flattering but it worked to fill her out a bit:


And here is the love of my life ignoring my shenanigans with my dolly:


2013 Vampire Ball – Josette & Victoria Winters outfits


I made both of these for the event. The Victoria Winters traveling wool outfit was pieced together & altered from found pieces at Savers thrift store. I wish I had taken more before shots! The Josette 18th century inspired gown I’ll have to go back and put together a blog post showing more of it in-progress.