My wonderful ugly pig mask by Mitchell Walker featured in my 18th century seven deadly sins outfit focusing on Gluttony! I sure had fun eating during the photoshoot! I’ll slowly start adding up photos from the last year as I’ve managed to not blog much at all. If you want to keep up to date Instagram is the only social media I use daily: LTLaurieTavan

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Visiting American Duchess

We managed to get over fabric shopping! Lining fabric was purchased for my new sacque gown and Lauren grabbed some pretty stripes for her new sacque gown.

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Playing Dress up

Trying on one of Gerry’s corsets at the Oxford Conference of Corsetry- Morua Designs

Oxford Conference of Corsetry

2017 Carnivale Venezia- Welcome Party

This was my second time attending Carnivale and my first one where I had some knowledge ahead of time to try to prepare appropriately themed costumes for the events. My best friend Robin attended her first time this year.

Walking around Venice:

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18th century Wardrobe – Blue & White Caracao



I’ve had this fabric for years and knew I wanted to make something eventually. I have the same pattern in a brown colorway that I hope to make a slightly different design. The gown was fit over different stays than worn in these photos but it still works very well with the pinned stomacher which gives some leeway for fitting adjustments at the front.