Designer's Note:

The original dress seen in the last picture was made by Kathy Kingman in 2006. The current costume director for the Fair asked me to adapt the dress to their current costuming goals.


November 2008

silk dupioni, silk taffeta, trim, fringe

application: Dickens Christmas Fair

Queen Victoria Day Dress

Normally we start with a blank slate when embarking on a project. In this case, we had a beautiful Victorian-style day dress that needed some additional detail work. I designed changes to make it more regal and mature, following feedback that indicated that I looked too young in a simple all-white dress. First, we straightened the skirt tiers and decorated them with blue cotton trim and fringe, then drew the top tier up with fabric bows. The sleeves were removed, lined in blue silk taffeta, decorated with fringe and blue piping, and re-set on the bodice. The associated cape can be found here.