January 2010

silk dupioni, lace

application: Dickens Christmas Fair, PEERS Balls

Victorian Children's Gowns

The challenge with dressing children is that they grow so quickly. This challenge is compounded by the Victorian trend of lengthening girls' skirts as they age. These gowns feature four 1in growth tucks that will add 8in of length as the girls grow. Generous seam allowances on both bodice and skirt allow for an increase in circumference, and a growth tuck on the bodice of the larger dress allows for a lengthening torso. There is a false bertha integrated with the smaller gown, and enough material remains to construct a real bertha in the future if needed. The plaid silk makes for beautiful self trim and striking V-patterns on the bodices, flattering to the waistline. Photographs courtesy of Surrey Blackburn Photography.