Designer's Note:

To make pattern matching possible along such curved seams, the outer fashion fabric layer is split at the waist, with the top and bottom sections matched separately. This allowed me to chevron only the bust area. The extreme curves precluded perfect matching, but the illusion of fluid lines is maintained from most viewing angles. The seam between top and bottom sections is covered by the waistband, which itself is made from bias-cut silk bridal satin, hand-pleated. Having the pleats on the bias allows for it to lay smooth along such a curved corset.


September 2009

application: Fashion outerwear

Black and White Striped

This corset features striped pattern matching including chevrons over the bust and separate top and bottom section matched stripes curving around to the back of the corset. It has an unusual pleated cummerbund-style silk satin waistband defining the waist. The white pique bow tie is removable, and ties in both with the men's formalwear theme and with the white silk edging. Though shown here laced in white, for a more subtle look, black lacing is also an option.