Designer's Note:

Of the items shown in this ensemble, a few were not made by me, but were chosen to complete the look. These include: the sword and sword belt, gun and gun belt, and boots.


October 2009

linen, deerskin, silk taffeta

application: Wedding

Steampunk Bridegroom Ensemble

Here's a dashing movie-inspired ensemble with elements from the 18th, 19th, and 20th centuries. We produced a hand-finished linen shirt with romantic, extended cuffs grazing over the top of the hand. Over that, a meticulously-fit, rich terracotta deerskin waistcoat centers the look. A dusty purple cravat lends a formal air to the outfit, or remove it for a more rogueish look. Black linen drop-front breeces extend down the calves and tuck in to tall boots. The jacket is a long, cutaway frock with large, Edwardian lapels, custom embroidered cloth-over-bone buttons, and rear pockets hidden behind military-inspired, shaped flaps.