Designer's Note:

The lace overlay on this gown has been painstakingly pieced together to create a seamless, pattern-matched collar, skirt yoke, cuffs, and shaped hem. The three-dimensional flowers had to be removed prior to sewing seams and then reattached, leading me to joke that I was spending hours and hours "gardening" for the project.


June 2008

silk, lace overlay, both supplied by client

application: Bridal Wear

Edwardian-Inspired Silk Wedding Dress

This dress was created for an Edwardian-themed wedding. The design evolved in collaboration with the bride, transforming from a straightforward lace overlay dress into a fully hand-customized creation that features the lace pattern to its full potential. The gown accentuates narrow hips and an S-curve body profile as was commonly seen in fashion places of the time period. You can see a photo of the bride on her big day in my blog.