Designer's Note:

While this corset was designed as outerwear, the client also found it suitable for wearing under other clothing. This led him to commission a second corset of the same shape but done in two layers of black coutil for a subtle structural layer.


May 2006

silk dupioni, cotton coutil, cotton poplin

application: Goth clubbing

Silk Men's Midbust

Men's corsets are rarely found off the rack. They need to be patterned very carefully to fit the male chest shape. If you have worn an underbust corset and want to try something higher, consider custom work. This corset with its contrasting silver boning channels stands out strongly in a dark nightclub. This design features a boned under-busk for extra flattening and to prevent any gap in the busk from showing. This feature can be added to any of our corsets that include a busk. Shevek enjoys wearing it with the long fishtail skirt made in matching black dupioni, but it would also pair well with dark slacks, fishnets, or other club wear.