Historical Note:

Baleen, also known as whalebone, was the stiffener of choice for stays and corsets from their advent in the 16th century until the beginning of the 20th centry, when its increasing scarcity drove manufacturers to find alternatives such as spring steel. (Waugh, 1954), (EPA)


March 2007

silk damask, coutil, wood busk

application: pattern development

Pink Silk Stay

This amazing fabric demanded to be made into an 18th century stay. The pattern is not directly based on any one corset but from merging some modern patterns of my own corsets with images from Corsets and Crinolines for 17th and 18th century corsets. I'm going to adapt the pattern to create more accurate 18th century details for my personal wedding pair of stays. The intricate pattern on the damask is pattern matched at the waist (except in in the back, where the design is centered on the back panels). The intricate binding is entirely hand-sewn. This corset can be worn with the removeable wooden busk or without.