18th century photoshoot

Getting ready here is my mugshot:

Hair is sorta based on this image but I didn’t make it as flat on top:

Next time I want to get more hair pieces so I can do this style hair (see below). I wanted to add curls but I just didn’t have enough hair to pull them up and into soft curls and my hair is too long to do a real hedgehog style with all curls teased out. I’m thinking if I buy some extra curled pieces I could have filled out the top to make it less rigid looking.

Here is my myspace shot:

And the after:

2 thoughts on “18th century photoshoot”

  1. Lovely, as always. I cut a foot of length off my hair last month, and even though it’s still waist-length, it feels so short. Your hair is gorgeous!
    Have you considered saving the hair from your brush to make ratts and pin-in curls for period dos? Curls are tedious, since you have to align individual hairs, but ratts come off the brush practically pre-formed.

  2. I do make ratts with my hair, yes :) And they have been useful in different hairstyles but I really wanted them to look more like curls ontop and didn’t have time nor enough hair or ratts to make it work this time.

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