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Prince Progress

I’ve been working on a new outfit for my son. After I finished laundering his outfit from the last even I decided to hack it up into pieces. The sleeves were too tight, the bodice is too short, and he is due some breeches.


2015 Fresno City College Faire

I’ve included a lot of photos of my sons Cream kirtle or petticoat because today I cut it up to make him a Prince Kit Charming outfit for Fantasy Fair. So I’ll share that shortly. For this even the sleeves were too tight so I slit them up the seam […]


Daze of Laur

One of the corsets I made for display at the Barefoot coffee show that wasn’t completed in time. It became a gift for our lovely nanny. It was done in Daze of Laur brown and orange with this delicate & fun vintage french trim along each edge. I’d love to […]